Lightbox Help


Lightbox is a tool to manually assemble single sounds and related graphic illustrations and to determine a specific order for presentation. (Note that in most cases of open access publications, the sounds themselves are password protected; they are accessible for research purposes only.)

For such a series of selected sounds and related graphic illustrations,
- the list of their archive numbers can be saved as a text file (txt format);
- the series can be displayed within the archive layouts;
- the series can be saved as a link to the archive.

Starting situation

To start, in the archive, search for the sounds and the related graphic illustrations you want to work on.

Move graphic illustrations of sounds to the Lightbox and order them

Select Lightbox in the menu of the archive. The Lightbox will be opened in a spearate window of the browser. – Move graphic illustrations of selected sounds from the archive to the Lightbox using the mouse. – If you want to delete sounds and related graphic illustrations in the Lightbox, move the mouse over a graphic illustration and click on the x. (The sound and its illustration will not be deleted in the archive.)

You also can manipulate both the selection and the order of the sounds and their graphic illustrations using the field Sound Number(s): for a selection, just type the archive numbers of the sounds in the field (you may also delete and retype); for a change of the order of display, simply change the order of the corresponding numbers in this field, and press the Enter key.

Save sound series (Export) – Upload sound series (Import)

As mentioned in the Assistant (see Help–Assistant) you can export the list of the sound numbers of an actual selection in the archive as a text file. The same holds true for a sound series in the Lightbox: click on the Export button, and give the file a name. (You may organise several exports on your drive.) – Later, you can upload such a textfile using the Import button, and the corresponding series will be displayed in the Lightbox. – You can also upload the textfile directly in the archive using the corresponing function in the search form.

Display sound series in the layouts of the archive

In the Lightbox, click on Archive if you want to continue your exploration within the layouts and functionalities of the archive.